Beautifully designed, easy to install = happy customer!

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Beautifully designed, easy to install = happy customer!

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I just wanted to post my experience with the Kayaksailor 1.4 + Genoa to date. I bought the kit earlier this month and it arrived in a timely manner and was extremely well packed. There were no surprise costs coming across the border into Canada (the $126.00 in GST/PST was expected :( ). The customer service, to date, was been excellent and very personalized. It is clear that these people are proud of the product they make and are happy making and selling it.

The time to set-up the rig from out of the box to being fully installed on my Feathercraft Big Kahuna was about 2 hours (first installation takes a bit of time especially because I purposefully went slowly to admire the design, read the instructions and watch the DVD that came with the kit (all very easy to follow)). Raising and lowering the sail from the cockpit takes seconds. Once set-up, I can now assemble or disassemble the rig in less than 10 minutes! The carrying bag, which is provided, is also well made and well designed and makes transporting the kit simple.

Overall I must remark on the quality of the craftsmanship which is outstanding. The design is unlike any I have seen before. Wow!

I will post more once I have had it out on the water a few times. The only negative thing I can say is that it will be really hard to get any work done this summer with the temptation of sailing my new Kayaksailor on my FC kayak! :D. If it sails as well as it sets up, I am going to be one very happy kayak sailor!

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Re: Beautifully designed, easy to install = happy customer!

Post by DLee »

Congratulations Donna! There are a few of us here with Kayaksailors and we all feel pretty similar to you about them. Come join us in the sailing column as you start to sail. We love to hear everyone's sailing adventures.

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